10 April 2017 @ 10:32 pm

[ escape into my mind. ]

My Everything
(chaptered, domestic, mpreg)

Everlasting (two-shot, romance, angst)
1001 Cupcakes (chaptered, fluff, bakery!au)
Persolus (drabble)
Man in the Mirror (horror(?), some fluff, mpreg)
Peewee Escapades (drabble series, pocketBaek, crack(?), fluff)
I (Pinky) Promise to Love You (fluff, romance, childhood bffs)
I Love You, Byun Baekhyun (fluff, angst, romance, hurt&comfort)
Sincerely, Chanyeol (fluff, college!au)
Perditus (angst, mpreg, broken!chanbaek)
Nepenthean Encounters (domestic, fluff, some angst, hurt&comfort)
Selcouth Appetency (angst, slice of life, romance)
Ocalis: The Lost Legend (fantasy, romance, royal au, reincarnation)

The Efflorescence of Devotion
(one-shot, friendship) - My Everything side story

Shake Hands With the Devil
(chaptered, angst, sex slave)

(Insta)ntly Captivated By You
(fluff, romance)

Lost and Found
(one-shot, domestic, fluff)

The Only Thing He Needed
(one-shot, hurt&comfort, friendship)

Fools in Love
(domestic, single-parent au, mpreg, firefighter au)
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